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The history

The history

Drena Castle – A hill with the seat of a prehistoric castle

The Bronze Age

The location has already been frequented.

The time between the V. – VII. century AD

The phase of anthropological development.

Carolingian period

There was already a church around the site of today’s tower (owned by the local community).

21st February 1175

Date of the first verifiable document in the archive that attests to the presence of the castle. On this date, the transfer of ownership of the fortress on the hill from the family of the Earl of Sejano to the family of the Earl of Arco was recorded and agreed.

Begin of the 13th century

Direct control of the castle through the “podestà imperiale” Sodigerio di Tito (title of the highest civil office; similar to mayor).


The castle was bequeathed from Countess Cubitosa D’Arco to her brothers Odorico and Ducinancio di Sejano; Start of legal disputes with the d’Arco family.

End of the 13th century

The Prince-Bishop Filippo Buonaccolsi (at the head of the troops of Verona and Mantova) attacks the castle and conquers it. Parts of the castle wall are destroyed during the attack.

Christmasday 1303

Meeting that was held in the castle, at which the pleban (people priest) of Cavedine announced that no more mass could be held in the church of St. Martin (castle church).


Bishop Nicolò of Brno confirms that the Earl of Arco is from now on the only and complete ownership of the castle.


After a long troubled period, the peace between Prince-Bishop Giorgio 1 ° von Lichtenstein and Vinciguerra von Arco is decided in the Drena Castle.

From 1400

The castle is mainly used as a military base for a small number of soldiers, led by an officer.


Date of an important inventory that lists the number of weapons, furniture, furnishings and equipment necessary for life in the castle and the defense of the castle.


Destruction of the castle by the Franco-Spanish troops under the leadership of General Vendome (subsequent Spanish war). When they withdrew, the castle was set on fire.

18°- 20° century

Period of slow decay of the castle.


First restoration work by the owner at the time, notary Bortolotti; Construction of the ground-level access door to the castle tower and the wooden staircase in the tower.


Official act of purchase and transfer of ownership of the castle from the “Fondazione d’Arco” to the municipality of Drena.

01. Juni 2018

Collapse of the central part of the castle wall towards the west.