D.O.C. Drena Oltre i Confini: non-profit association – Mail. info@casteldrena.it

What happened

On June 1st, 2018, after days of rain, the ground under the central castle wall slid towards the west, into the valley and tore approx. 300m2 wall down with it.

Why we need your help

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Highest risk of collapse of the still standing castle wall

The remaining wall remnants in the south-west and north-west direction are very much in danger of collapsing. Due to the missing central wall, the connecting link of the still standing walls and thus the necessary stability is missing. Above all, the constant natural influences, especially the “Ora of the Garda” (daily strong south wind) as well as rain and small tremors, bring the highest risk of losing the other walls that are still standing.

To save an important cultural asset

Drena Castle is a beautiful castle in its simplicity with a history going back well over 1000 years. Until the wall collapsed in 2018, the castle was used for a wide variety of events, such as classical, rock and jazz concerts. For theater and comedies, weddings and markets, classes for schools and kindergartens, events, art exhibitions and gatherings. The entire castle was open to our guests and visitors from all over the world.

Too high cost for one of the smallest municipalities in Trentino

The municipality of Drena with around 580 inhabitants is the sole owner of the castle. But since there is not very much income (including the income from the castle) it is impossible for the community to raise the necessary € 1,250,000 for the rescue and renovation of the castle.

Financial aid is still pending

After three years of the castle wall collapsing, even the makeshift wooden support that was attached has become old and no longer reliable. Unfortunately, no concrete financial aid for the rescue and restoration of the Drena Castle has yet been promised.

How can you help

Helping to save Drena Castle is very simple.
You can choose from three options:
DONATE directly via the GoFundMe website in 3 easy steps

The “DONATION” button takes you directly to the CASTELLO DI DRENA project on the secure GoFundMe website. With 2 clicks and entering your donation amount, which you can donate with a credit card, you can help the castle of Drena. You can enter your name or donate anonymously.

Transfer your donation directly to the account of the D.O.C. "Drena beyond the borders"

You can transfer your donation directly to the following account
IT 69G08 0163 4620 0000 3539 0586 (Subject: Name + “CASTELLO”).

Become a partner

If you would like to become an advertising partner of Drena Castle, you can contact us and we will explain in detail how this works. Just send us an email to info@casteldrena.it or contact us in the CONTACT section. You have the opportunity to present your company logo with contact details.

Management and monitoring

The administration of the crowdfunding is completely managed by the association “D.O.C. Drena beyond the borders”.
Purpose of donations

100% of the donations go to the castle of Drena for the rescue and restoration. The handover takes place through a donation to the municipality of Drena. The donations will be used exclusively for the maintenance and reconstruction of the castle wall.

Current status and progress

The current status of the donation income can be viewed at any time.
1. On the GoFundMe donation page you can see the donation amount that has already been received and who has donated (if the donor did not donate anonymously).
2. The donation progress is regularly updated and communicated on the casteldrena.it web site.

The development and progress of the work
On the web page “casteldrena.it / the castle / initiatives and events” you can find information about the progress of the project and the restoration work. You can also visit the castle in person and find out about the current status of the work in real time.
Donation certificates

General donation certificate
You can easily download your official donation certificate “Sostenitore del castello di Drena” at the bottom of the web page.

Certificate of the Dama (lady of the castle) or Cavaliere (knight)
With a donation of 500 € or more you will receive the symbolic title “Dama or Cavaliere del Castello di Drena” with a certificate and free entry to the castle of Drena for a lifetime.

Certificate of the Contessa (Countess) or the Conte (Earl)
With a donation of € 1000 or more you will receive the symbolic title “Contessa or Conte del Castello di Drena” with a certificate and lifelong free entry to the castle of Drena.

Certificate of the Principessa (Princess) or Principe (Prince)
With a donation of 2500 € or more, you will receive the symbolic title “Principessa or Principe del Castello di Drena” with a certificate and lifelong free entry to the castle of Drena.

All donors are entered and in a special register, pubblic for the future in the castle. Unless you prefered to donate anonymously.

Simple, trustworthy, safe.


GoFundMe is very easy to use. You can donate with just 4 clicks.
1. Click the “DONATE NOW” button
2. Enter your donation amount and click “continue”
3. Enter your credit card details and click “Donate”
4. Then “SHARE” the link to our project with as many people as possible


The GoFundMe Trust & Safety team works 24/7 to protect you. A donor guarantee is also guaranteed, which is unique in this sector. Active for 8 years, a very large amount of donations has been safely collected and thus great trust and respect from institutions and governments worldwide have been built.


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You can easily download the “donor certificate” HERE.
– To receive your certificate with the Italian honorary title “lady of the castle, knight, countess, earl, princess or prince”, simply send an email with the donated amount or a photo of the donation to our contact address info@casteldrena.it


It is possible to donate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The site is always active.

Get your donor certificate here

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